Strategies of Targeting Tumors and Cancers


  • Rajesh K. Sain Bose Memorial Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur (MP) – 482001, India
  • Raje Chouhan Bose Memorial Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur (MP) – 482001, India
  • Laxmi P. Bagri Bose Memorial Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur (MP) – 482001, India
  • A.K. Bajpa Bose Memorial Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur (MP) – 482001, India



Cancer, Targeted Therapy, Tumors, Drug Targeting, Chemotherapy.


 Targeted cancer therapies use drugs that specially reach at the affected site block the growth and spread of cancer. They interfere with specific molecules involved in carcinogenesis (the process by which normal cells become cancer cells) and tumor growth. By focusing on molecular and cellular changes that are specific to cancer, targeted cancer therapies may be more effective than current treatments and less harmful to normal cells. Targeted cancer therapies interfere with cancer cell growth and division in different ways and at various points during the development, growth, and spread of cancer.

The present article provides an overview of various aspects of cancers and tumors that include causes of the diseases and their underlying biology, existing methods of treatment, major strategies of cancer and tumor targeting and mechanisms of their mode of actions. The review article also presents a current state-of -the art of the cancer targeting approaches and discusses various types of advanced targeting techniques like pH, temperature and magnetic targeting. A brief account of recent literature pertaining to cancer targeting is also discussed.


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