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Abbreviated key title: J. Can. Res. Updates
ISSN (online): 1929-2279
Periodicity: Continous
Access: Open Access
Published by: Neoplasia Research
Publishing Since: 2012
Contact email: info@neoplasiaresearch.com


Aim and Scope

The scope of the Journal of Cancer Research Updates is intended to disseminate the important discoveries and observations achieved as a result of ongoing research in all aspects of cancer science with the vision of integrating  knowledge about almost all kinds of cancers so that the ultimate prevention and cure of this increasingly prevailing disease may be advanced ahead of its progression to further devastating stages. The journal aims to ensure open and equitable access to international multidisciplinary readership.

Journal of Cancer Research Updates focuses on publishing significant studies that may have impact on research at basic genetic or molecular level, etiology, clinical interpretation, prevention and treatment of cancer. To achieve this goal the Journal accepts original research articles, review articles, case reports, editorials, and letters to the editor from around the world.

Subject categories include:

Immunology and Cancer

ABC Transporters and Cancer Chemotherapy

Inflammation and Cancer

Anti-cancer Drug Discovery and Delivery

Metabolism and Cancer

Biochemistry and Cancer

Microbiology and Cancer


Pathology of Cancer

Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer

Pharmaceutics and Cancer

Clinical Cancer Research

Pharmacology and Cancer

Developmental Biology and Cancer

Radiology and Cancer

Epidemiology and Prevention of Cancer

Stem Cell and Cancer

Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics of Cancer

Surgery and cancer