Nitric Oxide Metabolites Change in Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity: The Effect of L-Arginine and Losartan


  • Zahra Pezeshki Water & Electrolytes Research Center
  • Mehdi Nematbakhsh Department of Physiology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran



Cisplatin, Nitric oxide, L-arginine, Losartan, Nephrotoxicity.


 Cisplatin (CP) is an anticancer drug with the most common side effect of nephrotoxicity. CP also alters the level of nitric oxide (NO), and NO itself may promote CP-induced nephrotoxicity.

In this short report, we measured the serum levels of NO metabolites in an animal model of CP-induced nephrotoxicity, and tested the effect of two nephroprotectant agents; l-arginine and losartan on serum levels of NO metabolites.

The results indicated that CP increased the serum concentration of nitrite but not nitrate. However, l-arginine and losartan significantly decreased the serum level of nitrite.

It seems that l-arginine and losartan provide their nephroprotectant effect against CP-induced nephrotoxicity by reducing the serum level of nitrite.


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