Inflammation and Cancer: Critical View


  • T.G. Shrihari Department of Oral Medicine and Oncology, Krishna Devaraya College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Bangalore -562157, Karnataka, India



TLR, PAMPs, DAMPs, TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, NF-KB, STAT-3, HIF-1α, TGF-β, Tumor associated macrophages, Tumor associated neutrophils.


Inflammation is the physiological response to an injury, it could be chemical, thermal, physical and infectious for reparative activity to injury. Recent data suggest that chronic inflammation leads to cancer development. Inflammatory mediators released to surrounding environment due to inflammation by inflammatory cells acts as a defensive or offensive depends on secretion of chemical mediators of inflammation such as growth factors, cytokines activating various transcriptional pathways bring about cell proliferation, angiogenesis further leads to tumor growth. This article describe the role of inflammatory cells and its mediators to development of cancer, various underlying unanswered future challenge questions in association with inflammation and cancer.


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