Comparative Epidemiological Profiles in Prostate Cancer Algerian and Mauritanian Patients: Retrospective Study of 124 Case


  • Abdelkrim Berroukche Research Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment, Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Dr Tahar-Moulay University, Saida 20000, Algeria
  • Ely Mohamed-Amine National Oncology Center and Friendship Hospital, Nouakchot, Mauritania
  • Mohamed Terras Research Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment, Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Dr Tahar-Moulay University, Saida 20000, Algeria
  • Miloud Slimani Laboratory of Bio Toxicology, Pharmacognosy and Biological recycling plant, Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Dr Tahar-Moulay University, Saida 20000, Algeria



Prostate cancer, Neoplasia, Retrospective study, Oncology, Urology, Prostate specific antigen.


Prostate cancer (Pca) is a common neoplasia in elderly men. Its incidence increased over the last two decades in the Northern Africa. This study aimed to perform a comparison between epidemiological profiles of Pca in patients from two Maghreb countries (Algeria and Mauritania). This is a retrospective study carried out during 2014-2016, on population of 124 cases including 64 Pca Algerian patients recorded in the Oncology Department of Saida hospital, the Urology Department of Oran University Hospital and 60 Pca Mauritanians patients recruited in the National Oncology Center and the Friendship Hospital in Nouakchott. For these Pca patiens of different ethnic origin, demographic characteristics were studied and biological monitoring of the tumor marker PSA (prostate specific antigen) was performed in medical biological analysis laboratories using the same methods of serum-PSA assay. The mean age was significantly different in both groups of Pca Algerian and Mauritanian patients (respectively 74 vs 70 years). No significant positive correlation between the age and the PSA, in both groups, was recorded (R = 0.00796 vs R = 0.127) (p ˃ 0.05). The mean serum- PSA levels were 156.5 ± 76.4 ( Pca Algerians) and 179.3 ± 52.1 ng / mL (Pca Mauritanians). Histological evidence was obtained in 54.6 % (Pca Algerians) and 23.3 % (Pca Mauritanian patients). 15 Pca Patients with metastatic tumor stage and 17 cases of death were found. Prostate cancer essentially affects men old over 50 years in both Northern African countries and this comparative study showed the same methods of screening, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of Pca used in these two areas.



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