A Case of Sigmoid Colon Cancer in which Somatic Pain was Rapidly Alleviated after Panitumumab Administration Despite Tumor Progression


  • Shu Yuasa Department of Pharmacy; Palliative care team, Nagoya Memorial Hospital, Nagoya, Japan
  • Megumi Kabeya Department of Pharmacy;Palliative care team, Nagoya Memorial Hospital, Nagoya, Japan
  • Ryuichi Furuta Department of Medical Oncology
  • Satoshi Hib Department of Pharmacy
  • Chiaki Koga Palliative care team, Nagoya Memorial Hospital, Nagoya, Japan
  • Seiji Nagao Palliative care team, Nagoya Memorial Hospital, Nagoya, Japan
  • and Kenji Ina Department of Medical Oncology; Palliative care team, Nagoya Memorial Hospital, Nagoya, Japan




Panitumumab, anti-EGFR antibody, somatic pain, colon cancer.


 We present a 72-year-old woman with sigmoid colon cancer in whom the somatic pain was alleviated rapidly after the administration of anti-epidermal growth factor antibodies. Our patient had received 4 cycles of FOLFIRI therapy (irinotecan, 5-fluorouracil, and leucovorin) in combination with panitumumab (Pmab) for the treatment of unresectable primary cancer accompanied with multiple liver metastases and peritonitis carcinomatosa. As grade 3 paronychia eventually occurred, chemotherapy was stopped. After recovery of the grade 3 paronychia, Pmab was re-introduced and administered every alternate cycle to reduce the extent of adverse events. The patient had complained of somatic pain in the lower right abdomen just before re-initiating Pmab administration. The pain intensity decreased immediately after the administration of Pmab. On the next day her pain had remarkably alleviated and she was free from pain for a week. This phenomenon was repeatedly observed. After the re-introduction of Pmab, tumor response was evaluated on computed tomography, which showed progressive disease. We demonstrated that Pmab was effective in the alleviation of somatic pain, although the size of the tumors gradually increased.


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Shu Yuasa, Megumi Kabeya, Ryuichi Furuta, Satoshi Hib, Chiaki Koga, Seiji Nagao, & and Kenji Ina. (2016). A Case of Sigmoid Colon Cancer in which Somatic Pain was Rapidly Alleviated after Panitumumab Administration Despite Tumor Progression. Journal of Analytical Oncology, 5(1),  38–41. https://doi.org/10.6000/1927-7229.2016.05.01.5




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