Article Processing Charges

Neoplasia Research adheres to its mission to develop a reliable platform providing unrestricted
access to scientific literature for rapid dissemination of recent updates in ever evolving field of
cancer research. All journals published by us are self-financed without any type of funding from
government/institutions. Also owing to our open access publication model, readers can have
immediate access to the scholarly literature with no cost and avail the facility to enrich their
scientific understanding. However, meeting the journals’ maintenance necessitates to offset all
the costs associated with our high-quality publishing service through Article Processing Charges
(APCs).However, there are no charges applicable at the time of article submission. The
submitting author is required to arrange payment of the article-processing charges incurred to
them/ their institutions or funders only after their manuscript has been accepted for
publication by our editorial team following rigorous peer review as a handling fee for
processing of their articles only covering the cost of production.

To bring forth genuine and reliable scientific contributions and facilitate the researchers from
every corner of the world the fee structure of all journals by Neoplasia Research has been
established a way easily payable by the authors worldwide i.e. USD 500 only.

There are two methods of payment:
1. Debit/Credit card
2. Bank Transfer: This method will incur bank charges of USD $30.

Please note that the Article Processing Charges are exclusive of local taxes that may apply
depending on the author's country and government policies and must be received in full for the
article to be published. APCs are subject to periodic revisions.