About the Journal

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Cord Naujokat
Abbreviated key title: J. Anal. Oncol.
ISSN (online): 1927-7229
Access: Open Access
Periodicity: Continuous
Publishing Since: 2012
Publisher: Neoplasia Research
Contact email: info@neoplasiaresearch.com


The Journal of Analytical Oncology is a peer reviewed journal which encompasses wholly analytical aspects of the malignant disease. This comprises analyzing methods and studies during detections, diagnosis, preclinical research, prevention, treatment, follow-up, and optimization as well as individualization of cancer therapies.

Aim and Scope

The fundamental purpose is to deliver a unique interdisciplinary forum. Investigations connected to the etiology, diagnosis, and the treatments of cancers, as well as research from related disciplines of interest is published. Research themes include, but not limited to, Tumor biomarkers, Cancer epidemiology, Molecular pathways in cancer, Cancer diagnosis, Cancer imaging, drug monitoring in cancers, dose individualization in cancer therapy, cancer drug targeting, cancer drug metabolism, diagnostic procedures in oncology, surgical care in cancer, cancer microbiology, cancer treatment analysis, cancer management strategies analysis.